Monday, February 26, 2007


This is definitely a good site for Macros if anyone is looking for a more definitive list.

More Macro Goodness.

Got a request, no problem.

How to say, yell, party chat in a macro.

Name: Healing
Purpose: Announce who you're healing.
Description: Perfect for your average or above average healer to announce who is being healed. You can add more things such as class, sex, race, etc but this is just a basic macro.
/cast [help] Greater Heal
/stopmacro [nohelp]
/p Healing %t

Explanations: [help] casts the spell if the person is a friendly target, the second line stops the macro and does not broad cast if [nohelp] the target is not friendly. This prevents spam in party/raid chat. The third line announces that you're casting a healing spell and on who which is what the %t stands for, it announces your target by name.

Of course this can be tailored to different types of spells such as shaman or paladin spells and buffs. Also, as far as I know it has to be keyed into the macro in this particular order. I'm used to throwing lines of code up and having to position them in a certain way though.

Name: Multifunction Healing
Purpose: Heal yourself or another.
Description: This puts an easier way to heal yourself on the board. Instead of worrying about changing your targets hit one key and you cast on yourself. You can also add another modifier in there to target the main tank. You can also use it for different spells as well.
/cast [modifier:alt,target=player] Flash Heal; [modifier:shift,target=joemaintank] Greater Heal; [help] Flash Heal
/p Healing %t

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Now that I have hit 70 and find myself with a bit more time I am focusing on my alts and something I've not used very heavily in the past: Macros. Now at first glance I was impressed but now I am beside-myself-enthusiastic and wondering why I didn't start using them earlier!

Some Examples: (I am writing these off the top of my head so if I make a mistake, sorry!)
-your button clicks such as [button:2] which means the second button on your mouse have to come first. I found that out this morning as I was tweaking scripts.
-Be precise in spelling or your macro won't work, when in doubt just mouseover your old buttons.
-You can use just about any key (save those that are already assigned) as modifiers when casting. Most times I would stick to the ones that don't do anything such as shift, alt, ctrl, etc.
-I don't know if other mouse buttons work but I am going to try that later.
-The left click option for your buttons has to come at the end of the macro. All modifiers to between the right mouse click and the left mouse click.

Name: AE
Purpose: AoE Farming
Description: This wonderful little macro allows me to cast my low level Arcane Explosion with a right click on the button for pulling mobs as I go and then cast my powerful AE when I am ready to kick some ass.
/cast [button:2] Arcane Explosion (Rank 1); Arcane Explosion

Name: Drink/Eat
Purpose: One click yummies!
Description: Saves me four buttons, instead of having to click two different buttons to summon food and another two to eat/drink I have one button for all of it!
/use [nomodifier] Conjured Mountain Spring Water
/use [nomodifier] Conjured Cinnamon Roll
/cast [modifier:shift] Conjure Cinnamon Roll; [modifier:ctrl] Conjure Mountain Spring Water

A little clarification on this one: Your left click causes you to both eat and drink at the same time. The first stack you summon will show as the total on the button. If you're like me you always have two even stacks of both food and water so it pans out just fine. Alternately if you would want to do ether/or you could always make one a left click and the other a right click by separating them as such: (At least I think you can do it this way)

/use [button:2] Conjured Cinnamon Roll; Conjured Mountain Spring Water
/cast [modifier:shift] Conjure Cinnamon Roll; [modifier:ctrl] Conjure Mountain Spring Water

Name: Teleport
Purpose: One click for any destination!
Description: Instead of having buttons for each city on my bar I can have one button with a few mods that can take me to any city I please! (Insert Portal: instead of Teleport: to portal people around and you have another five buttons cleared.)
/cast [button:2] Teleport: Ironforge; [modifier:alt] Teleport: Darnassus; [modifier:shift] Teleport: Stormwind; [modifier:ctrl] Teleport: Exodar; Teleport: Shattrath

I made a few others and I will post them when I get time.

Pimp my ride? WoW!

I finally hit level 70 while gaming casually. Subsequently I have also purchased my flying mount and final skills. Now, I can think of a few reasons why flying mounts are not allowed in Azeroth but I really haven't figured out the 'real' reason why they are not allowing flying pimped-out rides on the other side of outland. Personally, I would feel a bigger sense of achievement if I were allowed to take my new mount out into the world when I am helping my friends with their primes and alts out in the old world. I really see no harm in letting someone use their flying mount out in the open.

The few restrictions I would place would be not allowing someone to fly too far out from shore, put the same fatigue rules out there to prevent people trying to go from continent to continent with their mount. You know some idiot will try it and complain when he falls out of the sky mid-flight during the continent change and looses his body due to fatigue. I would also put up some sort of invisible barrier around places you don't want someone to fly. (Though I can't think of any right now.)

They've already covered the whole 'flying over the oposite faction's city marks you and gets you killed quick' thing. Other than that I can't figure out why, why blizzard can't I use my pimped out ride in Azeroth?

Edit: In hindsight I suppose sloppy terrain mapping and oddball programming would be the real reason. While in the beta I swam my undead warlock from the undead starting area all the way to westfall along the outside of the mountain ranges just to see what would happen. It worked. On the outside are nooks, crannies and trees and shrubbery growing in odd places. I guess they'd have to fix everything in azeroth and they just don't want to spend the man-hours doing it.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

We're all wearing name tags.

Hello, my name is Mr. Gone and I am a world of warcraft addict.

*chorus of voices* Hello Mr. Gone!

That's how people view those who play MMO-games. Through the years of my life I have witnessed the dawning of a new age, the information age. I am a part of this age and so is everyone else in several overlapping age brackets.

Massive Multiplayer Online Games are part of this age just like television or radio of ages past. I don't watch television regularly and if it weren't for shows like Lost, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica and Jericho I wouldn't even have cable TV I'd just have internet. The television is bogged down with advertisements and reality television and they call our games the tool of the devil. I stand here to say that shows like 'The Flavor of Love' and 'I Love New York' are worse than any MMO game I have ever run across.

Okay well there is Anarchy Online but everyone makes mistakes right?