Monday, January 22, 2007

What I'd like to see from WoW

I have journeyed to Zangarmarsh to begin questing there with my mage. I have completed all but the PvP objective quest for Hellfire Penninsula. I took the time to ride through Zangarmarsh and most of the other zones and I have to say I am very impressed (had to say it again) with the imagination blizzard has put into this. These ecologies are alien and at the same time breathtaking.

The creatures that inhabit these areas are all new and while I would have liked to see an area like Zangarmarsh more teeming with life and the sounds of the wild I like what they have done. However here is what I mean, I think back on to Morrowind and a certain patch released that turned a swamp into a living breathing area. Bugs swarming and chirping, wildlife flying around over my head and scuttling away from my feet as I trudge through the mud and water, that my friends is what I want to see. I want to feel the life of the ecology. It feels so much more organic when you have bugs and fauna making noise around you.

I haven’t started in Jewelcrafting yet but I plan on doing so soon. I went as far as to make my new Draenei shaman a Jewelcrafter and sending her all of my ore/bars (not much) and gems (two banks full) I really have to do some serious mining.

Ode to Transferals and to Burning Crusades.

My stay on Stormrage has been fun, I just hope my sibling and my other friends transfer along with my wife and I but I won’t know until it happens. We transfer in hopes of finding a realm without lag. If we find a dead server we’ll be sorely disappointed but such is the risk we take to transfer. I’m tired of fighting over mobs and attempting to log in over and over only to be kicked off of the server at the last moment. Then kicked off of the server again and again. So verily I say that I am now a proud occupant of Area-52.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

First Impressions

Like most (not all) other World of warcraft players I have been playing the expansion. I got the collector's edition because I couldn't help myself and my wife got the regular expansion. First Impression: Freakin' Sweet.

The starting areas for the new races are very well done, the scenery and music are TOP notch. The abilities in my opinion are fairly balanced and the classes work out just fine. Draenei are not as ugly as I had originally thought they would be, the females (my wife pointed this out as she watched her character's butt wiggle while she walked) are quite cute. The males are... large... but not overly hideous. Blood elves of course are elves. My wife has concluded that the female are 'shexhay'.

Now for Outland. Mmmmm-boy! Greens and blues replacing purples. I never would have thought I'd see the day I'd lay down my Headmaster's Charge and my Robe of the Archmage for, respectively, a green and a blue item. I've done a few of the quests and killed a bunch of mobs. Sold a green sheild for 25g! WOOHOO! lol anyway I like what Blizzard has done as far as introducing more content. As I get time to play (and blog) I'll post more details.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Oh how the mighty have fallen!

My guild recently took down Hakkar. And me, being the generous and industrious techno-weenie that I am recorded it and spliced it into a movie! Yay me! Anyway I uploaded it to you-tube this morning and as soon as I get home from work I will post the link on my blog.

Preparation for the Burning Crusade

Well the time is almost upon us and I feel sullied by the fact that I am pondering taking release-date Tuesday off so I can play WoW. I canceled my order for the collector’s edition of the burning crusade and re-ordered the normal version from Best Buy using a pair of very convenient gift cards. I was hoping for the collector’s edition but it hasn’t popped online yet as being available. I’d rather just miss out on the extra $30-$40 and features than be delayed for days or (heaven forbid) weeks. My wife has also opted to go for the regular edition due to the fact that our orders from bumped upwards of $80 per copy for price and shipping. A travesty I say!

Anyway, something hit me recently. My wife has over 1000g and I am up above 600g, we’re both saving for our Epic mounts. (She’s only level 52 right now). My sibling, who will go unnamed, scolded us for ‘wasting’ our money on epic mounts. Jealousy maybe? I think it’s worth the money and by money of course I mean ‘monopoly money’. This cash isn’t real; it isn’t being sucked out of my bank account. Most people cling to their gold as if it was their new born child. It’s a game, the money isn’t real and you’re not really going to spend it on anything else are you? Cripes, grow up.