Monday, February 26, 2007

More Macro Goodness.

Got a request, no problem.

How to say, yell, party chat in a macro.

Name: Healing
Purpose: Announce who you're healing.
Description: Perfect for your average or above average healer to announce who is being healed. You can add more things such as class, sex, race, etc but this is just a basic macro.
/cast [help] Greater Heal
/stopmacro [nohelp]
/p Healing %t

Explanations: [help] casts the spell if the person is a friendly target, the second line stops the macro and does not broad cast if [nohelp] the target is not friendly. This prevents spam in party/raid chat. The third line announces that you're casting a healing spell and on who which is what the %t stands for, it announces your target by name.

Of course this can be tailored to different types of spells such as shaman or paladin spells and buffs. Also, as far as I know it has to be keyed into the macro in this particular order. I'm used to throwing lines of code up and having to position them in a certain way though.

Name: Multifunction Healing
Purpose: Heal yourself or another.
Description: This puts an easier way to heal yourself on the board. Instead of worrying about changing your targets hit one key and you cast on yourself. You can also add another modifier in there to target the main tank. You can also use it for different spells as well.
/cast [modifier:alt,target=player] Flash Heal; [modifier:shift,target=joemaintank] Greater Heal; [help] Flash Heal
/p Healing %t

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