Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Official Announcement

Official Announcement

So I announced my module on the NWN2 forums. Unfortunately my wife got hurt yesterday so my building time is going to be cut a bit. I am currently looking for scripters or code snippets to assist with the development of the mod. I'd also take some textures if anyone has any Planescape-esque textures I could use while building my city.


Victor Barreiro said...

I hope your wife is okay.

Heaven knows I'd be fretting over my beloved as well if she were hurt (if I had one).

As for beta testing your module, let me know. I'm always game for helping people out when time allows.

Just make a non-playable character named Stillwater the Adventurer or something to thank me for testing unfinished builds. :p

Mr. Gone said...

Docs say she'll be fine after a while.

lol Stillwater huh? I may be able to cram someone in there. :)