Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Television Review? Heroes!

Okay, I have to deviate. I am a little... miffed... to put it lightly. I have been following Heroes, nothing against the story, I love the show. I just don't like how similar it is to the book I have been working on. If I publish my story some of my ideas have been plucked right out of my brain and thrust onto television. Damnit. Just thought I'd share that. Anger Out.

Anyway, so I have been working on a novel of sorts since I was in high school. I have started the damn thing over twice so far because of how the story ended up. The core story line and characters have not changed since its inception. Damn it all to hell my ideas are going to be branded as 'no longer original'. That angers me again, anger out.


Victor Barreiro said...

That's a stroke of immeasurable bad luck.

But it's all based on presentation.

Even HEroes reminds me of a comic book miniseries known as Rising Stars, which chronicles the birth, life, and death of people who develop superpowers.

Same premises, but the presentations are altogether different.

Cheer up. :) You may just end up making a story that's BETTER than Heroes, right?

Mr. Gone said...

This is true, very true. All I have to do is come up with some other unique concept.

Victor barreiro said...

Or simply tell a story you want to tell.

Let the critics feast over it, but be happy that you got something published, right? :)

Mr. Gone said...

If only the concept of 'what you want to tell' could sell. LoL Few writers ever have that ability, I hold no dillusions.

victor barreiro said...

Ah well. I admire you for having the guts, at least. I've always wanted to write a book based on this one thought in my head, but Im too afraid that it'll never get published.

That's mostly a problem because I live in the Philippines. No international bestsellers for fantasy fiction here.

Mr. Gone said...

Don't sell yourself short, be the first!