Thursday, June 19, 2008

Aaragoth, the Shattered World

So here it is, the intro from my in-progress conversion. I hope to find a publisher for it once it's done but I may end up doing it via PDF. Anyone know a good artist?

History, they say, repeats itself in a countless loop. Ever changing ever circulating but always folding back upon the same timeline. Once this land was a growing thriving planet with much untapped potential but in the present day we feel the repercussions of those who tapped it too greedily.
-Adamos, Sage of the Return

The World Itself
The world of Aaragoth is a place of powerful and ancient arcane power where the very fabic of magic is what holds the remaining pieces of the world together in its previously-feeble grasp. Remnants of the previous age stand to this day as a testament to the influence of the great Arcane Kings of old. Most cities ether dwell on or around old and potent dead cities that provide not only the basics of day-to-day living but the conduit that enables those who can use the old power to delve into the secrets of magic.

The primary continents, shattered from the last war span out across the infinite reaches of the astral sea connected only by immense expanses of bottomless water and tracts of pure rock and earth whose edges spill out into cosmic nothingness. The sun rises and sets while the three moons appear at night just as if the planet itself had never been sundered.

The conveniences of the previous age are oft-misunderstood and overlooked as a given. Rare few left on the world know how to fix or operate the great mysterious machines and artifacts of the past. Aqueducts tied directly to the bring pure, fresh water to homes within major cities. Furnaces deep below the city provide warmth. Walkways connect the various city tiers and are held aloft by currents and great pillars all of these wonders are tied directly to the elemental chaos. Homes with these amenities while not rare have not been fully comprehended for generations.

In the wild earth elementals of an epic scale carry lifeless cities on their backs while forgotten palaces and ruins float above the endlessly shifting masses of earth.

In the current age magic has made a resurgence and the gods of old who had vanished have once again emerged from the wrecked blanket of magic. The echos of the Wizards' War still haunt the people in the form of ghosts from the past and the magic of the future. The primary continent, Argon, holds the world's current seat of power for the human nation and the unified dwarven people. While the elves and eladrin have taken to the forests that are ever-connected to the Feywild. Halflings and Dragonborn live among all races while the Tieflings reside in their own city-states welcoming those who can work the arcane arts.

Machina is the current capitol and seat of authority in the human nation of Koric. The present council of elders rules the surrounding countryside with an iron fist and strained diplomatic relations with the free nation of Gradis, a sea-faring culture of humanity that rules the waterways between the various continents.

The Illumin territories primarily populated by eladrin, tieflings, and half-elves openly welcome and those who have been shunned for their magical gifts. They war a constant feud over the mineral rich crescent mountains between Koric and Illumina.

While other continents exist, few have been fully explored. The far-off desert continent of Altair is all but a mystery, as are the thick jungle of Hulan, and the forest-rich continent of Makar or the cold tundra of Dael'na. Few who journey that far along the elemental catwalks return, those who do speak of strange peoples and ancient cities that span across miles filled with dangers and treasures alike. Rumors persist of a sixth continent as-yet unexplored, but rumors will persist.

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