Thursday, December 14, 2006

Yar, here there be short people with fuzzy toes!

Game: Lord of the Rings Online
Subject: Beta Testing

Since I agreed to an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) I can't give any details. Here is what I can say:

Keep in mind, this is the BETA test.
Graphics - 8/10
-Very good graphics and visual effects. (I wish I could say more)

Sound - 5/10
-Needs work, but again this is the beta.

Questing System - ?/10
-I haven't been able to play very much.

Classes - Unable to comment at this time
-I have only experienced one class

Races - As on the website, no changes. Customization options are a bit limted.
-Along with the class, I have only experienced one race.

The only reason why I am not still playing is the LAG. First night up, of course people are going to flood the server. Stress testing is supposed to do that. I really wish I could say more about my first impression tonight.

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