Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Nightly Grind

My nightly focus for weeks now has been getting my wife's priest up to raid/expansion level. Each night we go through several quests in a rather short amount of time and on average we achieve at least 1 to 1 & 1/2 level of experience for her. (60 Mage + AoE + Priestly Healing Goodness = Ass-Stompage)

Anyway, we both started with a pair of 60 hunters (dwarf for me night elf for her) and we've found that hunters were overpopulated and underappreciated in the end-game. We switched, Mages are the best sought after DPS and Priests... well if your group refuses the help of a priest there's something wrong with your brain.

Priests are in such high demand it's not funny. When I am on my priest I get so many random whispers of people asking me if I will join their group for an instance or quest run that I now understand what DO NOT DISTURB is for. Turds. If I were looking for a group I would use the tool (unlike the tards that are still hanging out in the LFG channel that someone made up.)

I said it in a previous post, and I will say it again. The success of the LFG tool depends on people using it. It is much more useful than the tool in D&D Online I can say first hand. I like the ability to queue myself up for several instances and wait for a group to pop up. Still idiots insist on clinging to the old familiar spam-chat that is LFG and who'ing for people to bother. Get STUFFED.

Anyway back to the priestly ways, so we've gotten her to level 45 & 1/2 and I think we may be able to get her to 60 before the expansion. (Especially if I can get my brother and his friends off of their collective butts and onto their level 60 mains. We have a balanced group:

Stormrage Server
60 Warrior (40's Rogue Alt) with several set peices and a purple sword from ony.
60 Paladin (60 Warrior Alt) with several set peices also
60 Druid (40's Pally and 40's Rogue Alt) again with several set peices
60 Mage (60 Hunter Alt) with more than a few purples and some set items
45 Priest (60 Hunter Alt) with more than 700g you can't help but be a twink, she's decked!

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