Monday, August 11, 2008

Stuff I'd Like to See

So I've come up with more things I'd like to see in wow.

1.) Vanity Gear Set
I believe it was EQ2 that did this first? A separate set of equipment you can equip so your character doesn't look like a clown when you start getting new gear. Death Knights in particular will be getting a very nice blue set once they finish questing. I'd like to keep that set in the visual spectrum even when I start getting outland equipment. Because everyone knows that you start looking like a hobo with a fetish for bright colors when you start upgrading gear.

2.) Fix the 'Death Knight' label on the main screen
Instead of cramming 'Death Knight' across the class selection button why not make a little room for the class name above the classes. Little things like that annoy me.

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V said...

i want to talk about Starcraft MMORPG