Monday, July 21, 2008

Current Roster

So I've worked my way up to four level 70 characters on World of Warcraft.

Frost Mage, my current main
Hunter, my farmer
Warlock, my PVPer
Shaman, my healer

Each of them are (or were) DPS, see a trend? My next character is a Druid and as soon as WotLK comes out I'm making a Death Knight. I'd like to see the difference between current tanks and the next-coming tank first hand. My wife has a Prot-specced warrior who serves as out main tank. A friend of ours is the current healer, a holy paladin. And I serve as the current DPS/CC/Healer substitute. With the addition of my tank we'll have a very diverse array of characters at our disposal. So within our group we'll have two choices for an account to tank, two for healer, and plenty of DPS to go around. We feel the synergy and honestly I love the core group we have going. Now if only we could instill that within others in World of Warcraft some how. We may join a guild but honestly I just don't see the benefit other than doing raids. We'd love to do raids but we don't want to experience the drama ourselves. Plus we own a bank guild that has four tabs purchased. I think we're doing okay now.

Honestly the last time I joined a Kara pug it went smoothly, so smooth in fact that I was tempted to ask the hosting guild if I could join with my mage. I opted against it though because I just don't see the point. Last time I succumbed to this urge we all ended up suspending our accounts and I bought Age of Conan, which was a complete waste of time. Anyone out there want to buy Age of Conan? Comes with a free necromancer.

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