Thursday, January 11, 2007

Preparation for the Burning Crusade

Well the time is almost upon us and I feel sullied by the fact that I am pondering taking release-date Tuesday off so I can play WoW. I canceled my order for the collector’s edition of the burning crusade and re-ordered the normal version from Best Buy using a pair of very convenient gift cards. I was hoping for the collector’s edition but it hasn’t popped online yet as being available. I’d rather just miss out on the extra $30-$40 and features than be delayed for days or (heaven forbid) weeks. My wife has also opted to go for the regular edition due to the fact that our orders from bumped upwards of $80 per copy for price and shipping. A travesty I say!

Anyway, something hit me recently. My wife has over 1000g and I am up above 600g, we’re both saving for our Epic mounts. (She’s only level 52 right now). My sibling, who will go unnamed, scolded us for ‘wasting’ our money on epic mounts. Jealousy maybe? I think it’s worth the money and by money of course I mean ‘monopoly money’. This cash isn’t real; it isn’t being sucked out of my bank account. Most people cling to their gold as if it was their new born child. It’s a game, the money isn’t real and you’re not really going to spend it on anything else are you? Cripes, grow up.

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