Monday, January 22, 2007

What I'd like to see from WoW

I have journeyed to Zangarmarsh to begin questing there with my mage. I have completed all but the PvP objective quest for Hellfire Penninsula. I took the time to ride through Zangarmarsh and most of the other zones and I have to say I am very impressed (had to say it again) with the imagination blizzard has put into this. These ecologies are alien and at the same time breathtaking.

The creatures that inhabit these areas are all new and while I would have liked to see an area like Zangarmarsh more teeming with life and the sounds of the wild I like what they have done. However here is what I mean, I think back on to Morrowind and a certain patch released that turned a swamp into a living breathing area. Bugs swarming and chirping, wildlife flying around over my head and scuttling away from my feet as I trudge through the mud and water, that my friends is what I want to see. I want to feel the life of the ecology. It feels so much more organic when you have bugs and fauna making noise around you.

I haven’t started in Jewelcrafting yet but I plan on doing so soon. I went as far as to make my new Draenei shaman a Jewelcrafter and sending her all of my ore/bars (not much) and gems (two banks full) I really have to do some serious mining.

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