Wednesday, January 17, 2007

First Impressions

Like most (not all) other World of warcraft players I have been playing the expansion. I got the collector's edition because I couldn't help myself and my wife got the regular expansion. First Impression: Freakin' Sweet.

The starting areas for the new races are very well done, the scenery and music are TOP notch. The abilities in my opinion are fairly balanced and the classes work out just fine. Draenei are not as ugly as I had originally thought they would be, the females (my wife pointed this out as she watched her character's butt wiggle while she walked) are quite cute. The males are... large... but not overly hideous. Blood elves of course are elves. My wife has concluded that the female are 'shexhay'.

Now for Outland. Mmmmm-boy! Greens and blues replacing purples. I never would have thought I'd see the day I'd lay down my Headmaster's Charge and my Robe of the Archmage for, respectively, a green and a blue item. I've done a few of the quests and killed a bunch of mobs. Sold a green sheild for 25g! WOOHOO! lol anyway I like what Blizzard has done as far as introducing more content. As I get time to play (and blog) I'll post more details.

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