Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Internal Competition

While I haven't read the interview yet I read online that Blizzard isn't afraid to be compete within the company. This is good news in my opinion, I'd hate for my next Blizzard MMO to be delayed because they don't want to take away from their World of Warcraft player base. I will also say this, I think they should introduce a multi-game subscription plan. Charge your character base $20 a month to play all of your games. I will most definitely be playing the next Blizzard MMO, every game they've published has been entertaining for hours on end. I still pull out the games from the Diablo and Warcraft series frequently to amuse myself with from time-to-time.

I have a station account and I own every Sony game that can be associated to it with the exception of Vanguard, I haven't purchased it yet but as soon as the game drops to $20 I'll swoop in to snatch it up. In all honesty none of the games have kept my attention long but they have their merits. Just imagine the power Blizzard would have if they had two or more MMOs that you could switch between at will. People would stop urinating.

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