Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Things I would like to see in WOW

Expansions are to a game as CPR is to a dying man. Morbid I know but the point is this: Expansions for games are supposed to breathe life into the game itself. Instead of just putting a Band-Aid on the lifespan of my favorite game I would like to see something different.

In the past the WoW devs have answered our respective prayers for divine intervention and added new low-level and mid-level content. I want to see more of that. So what will happen in the next expansion after WotLK? Who knows, but this is what I would like to see. I know I've posted this before but this is an expanded list (an expansion if you will).

Into the Maelstrom
-A new race for both sides or maybe a neutral race? Half-naga, complete with water breathing and a built-in swim speed.

-Of course a class suited to the sea-faring type of adventurer. I'm thinking 'Mariner' or 'Swashbuckler'. A hybrid class capable of melee dps and wearing a max of mail armor. A rogue-warrior cross breed. It may help with tanking. Who knows, maybe the class has built-in damage mitigation so that it can tank?

-More content for leveling up your characters, not just another 10 levels. Complete with a new submerged city and sunken ruins to quest in. (Zone-wide water breathing would be required to reduce problems in leveling other races there; you know someone would want to.)

-A new type of mount that is water-based. Who wouldn't like a mount that has not only a 100% land speed but a 280% swim speed? Hippocampus? Dolphin? Something fish-like.

This is problematic I know, because not all races have a water-breathing ability. So how do you counteract this? Have an attunement quest that characters have to perform to get a water-breathing buff for these areas only. Just a few ideas to throw out there, something different. Maybe introducing a whole new continent and faction would be the key? Someone opposed to both the horde and the alliance.

Enter one of my creations, a race that is half demon, half elf. We already have them in the form of the demon-siphoning elves in hellfire peninsula. So we introduce the third faction of WoW, The Spawn, children of Kil'jaden.

Initial races could be half-breeds. Humans and blood elves have already been corrupted so let those two be the starting races. Give them a beginning area not unlike outland and offer new mid and high-level content based around the demonic theme. Maybe they start in the equivalent of 'hell' or one of it’s' layers. Each layer would offer a new range of content like moving from Westfall to the Redridge Mountains. So why send characters there? Why else, for expanding the territory and looking to defeat the latest menace. Or instead of hell maybe old Killy made plans to raise a whole new continent for his children?

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