Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A different perspective?

So I was thinking last night, that's right everyone run for cover! I came to an impasse. I really like playing WoW but it's interfering with my other projects. I still have a Dungeons and Dragons world to work on and get published. I have a book I need to get cracking on and a ton of other things.

So the problem is, when does World of Warcraft cut into my life too much? When is too much enough and enough not nearly as much as you'd want it to be? I have come to realize that my World of Warcraft habits are becoming steadily unhealthy for me. So what do you do to wean yourself from the beast? Simple, just have the willpower to put it down and say enough is enough. That's no problem for me but how many people out there don't have that kind of willpower?

Smokers, drinkers, drug addicts, MMORPG players? Everyone has their vice, the same could be the same about people that eat too much or sleep too much or obsess about the cleanliness of their home and surroundings. The best thing to do is look toward your peers and family members for support.

Everyone knows the signs of someone who can't get their 'fix', the irritability, the anger. I haven't gotten that far, I doubt I ever would but I realize that my other endeavors are suffering. I'd like to get published before I'm old and gray.

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