Thursday, March 22, 2007

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl

I am not even going to bother rating this game. It's amusing for a while but the first cutscene shows the game's age. It is several years in the making and because of that it is just piss-poor. I know that you can't always have perfect models with smooth movements and on-time voice acting but it's just blatantly obvious that they didn't even try to marry the two up. I thought we had left those days behind with the sega and the super nintendo.

Graphics: 1 Shitty
Sound: 1 Shitty
Gameplay: 4 Somewhat amusing at first but it pans out like every other FPS
Uninstall: Within 30 minutes.

I will give them a few things, the physics are good and the concept is right on but it didn't hold my interest at all.


Victor said...

It's that bad?

And I thought GameSpot gave it a good score... Now I don't know what to think.

Victor barreiro said...

Btw, the above was me. :D

Mr. Gone said...

To tell you the truth I could have just been a bit let down by the whole ordeal seeing as it was several years in the making. Didn't quite meet my expectations. The graphics are more akin to half-life 1 and the gameplay is a bit fuzzy. I didn't get very far in the game before I was too disgusted to continue.

Victor barreiro said...


Can I have your game then? :) Just ship it to the Philippines.

Anyway, if you have more reviews, I'm interested in reading them. It's nice to see an honest review that doesn't fear saying the words "Shitty" on the label. :)

Drinkitt of Cho'gall said...

CAD did a great comic mirroring your dislike of the game.

Mr. Gone said...

That is one of the best CAD comics I've seen yet. LOL

And to answer your question Victor. I would, but I already let my wife's cat play with it, then I used it to line the box. Seriously though, I let a friend of mine have it already or I would! lol

He was similarly... unsatisfied with the experience. He demanded his money back until I reminded him I gave it to him. :)