Monday, March 5, 2007

Shamanistic Goodness.

Alright so I got my Shaman to level 29 at some point last week. I will get to updating the side bar some time. I am happy with my desision not to respec and just to go for an enhancement/restoration hybrid. I am at least going to go until I get all the nessicary points in dual wielding. Running a shaman is fun because of the diversity you get.

Anyway I have noticed that after playing a level 70 mage that is able to blow through quests like candy I've been a bit spoiled. I am so used to turning in 5-8 quests each run out that I can't seem to get into my groove with my lower-level characters. Hopefully I will get out of my rut and keep playing but is it just me or has anyone else had that problem?

Since I have been putting my time into other games I haven't been playing World of Warcraft much and I think that's a good thing. Everyone needs to walk away from things for a bit every now and again.

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Victor Barreiro said...

Any tips for new shamans? I suck at using mine. I'm a clicker, so having to scroll through all the different bars is a pin in the butt.

MAybe you have tactics I can use?