Thursday, March 22, 2007

Time to lay down WoW?

I never thought I'd say this but I think I'm finally winding down from my spiral of World of Warcraft addiction. I will admit that I am a graphics whore but that isn't everything for me. In this case I am just tired of seeing WoW. It's a sudden thing.

While I have tried out other games, numerous uncountable amounts of games, only WoW has held my attention this long. It seems I am starting the nail-biting wait for Warhammer Online sooner than I had thought. The problem being that if I don't have an addiction to feed what the hell am I going to do with myself?

So, anyone for a game of tennis? I guess I could catch up on my photography hobby.

In all seriousness I am the kind of person that likes to see loose ends fixed. Recoding Azeroth for instance is not an impossible job. Regardless of what 'everyone' or 'the masses' thinks I would rather see them fix Azeroth so you can fly around there with no problems. I would rather see Blizzard take the initiative to upgrade the engine for WoW and introduce more 3D graphics instead of flat tree branches and leaves. WoW has been my companion toward oblivion for quite a long time now, I am going to miss it if I do decide to suspend my subscription.

Lets all cross our fingers for World of Warcraft 2: War on Azeroth.
Call that a prediction that will mirror massive server-to-server scale PvP action.

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