Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Playing a Shaman

I'm not a definitive shaman expert so if anyone has any other suggestions I'm open to commentary and changes.

I previously had a problem with totems, so many totems, so many buttons! What to drop when to drop it and why waste the mana? Well totems are a big part of a shaman's repertoire. Your totems are part of your class even if you don't sink talent points into them. The first thing you need to do is pick your most used totems. For me it is Stoneskin, Mana Spring and Searing in that order. Remember, alternately you can assign these all button clicks if you're a number pusher instead of a clicker.

One thing to keep in mind if you're playing an enhancement/resto shaman (request from a reader) is that you are a tank and you are going to be taking damage and trying to hold aggro. Use Frost Shock as much as possible because it causes high threat and keeps mobs slowed (if they can be). You may want to use healing totems instead of mana totems depending on your preference. Use your totems in every fight where you think you will be tanking against a hard mob or multiple mobs. Also remember that if your searing totem is too close to some mobs it will attack regardless if they are in combat or not. Also, remember that lesser healing wave has a shorter casting time and Stoneclaw (I think that's what it is) can pull mobs off of you if you don't have too much aggro this will give you a chance to pop a big heal on yourself.

Name: Totems
Purpose: One click totem dropper!
Description: Drop your favorite totems with one button
/castsequence reset=24 Stoneskin Totem, Mana Spring Totem, Searing Totem

Name: Weapons
Purpose: One click weapon buffing.
Description: Cast your weapon-based spell depending on which way you click.
/cast [button:2] Frostbrand Weapon; [modifier:shift] Flametongue Weapon; Rockbiter Weapon

Name: Shocks
Purpose: Cast all your shocks off of one button.
Description: Instead of hunting for buttons you can just click or button press with a series of keys.
/cast [button:2] Earth Shock; [modifier:shift] Flame Shock; Frost Shock


Victor Barreiro said...

Hey cool! Thanks for the info.

Just one last question though... What's button two mean?

Is that a mouse click, or the number?

According to your macro, does that mean I can switch between frostbrand, flametongue, and rockbiter by pressing shift while hitting the number two?

Sorry... I'm trying to understand the working terminology behind the macro code. :)

Mr. Gone said...

button 2 is a right click of your mouse. Alternately you can change that to a [modifier:alt] or ctrl or whatever button you want and just hold the key and press whatever button associated to where you placed the macro on your bar.

Victor Barreiro said...

so... in the frostbrand example...

Rightclick + LEftclick = Frostbrand.
Rightclick + Shift + Leftclick macro = Flametongue/Rockbiter (dependent on macro setup, correct?)

Mr. Gone said...

Actually it pans out to be:

Left Click the Button:

Right Click the Button:
Frost Brand

Shift + Left Click:
Flame Tongue

Victor Barreiro said...

Ah.... I get it now. COOL!

By the way, I'm trying to set up my own game-related blog. Hopefully I can be as insightful as you once I get some posts in.

Thanks again. :)

Mr. Gone said...

I'm sure you'll find something to be good at blogging! It doesn't take much, just an opinion.