Thursday, March 1, 2007

To raid or not to raid...

That is the question. Should I focus on raiding and gaining more power and prestige with my mage or should I work on one of my alts. At this point I have gotten a Draenei shaman up to level 26 from just casual leveling. My wife has been working on her Gnome rogue and a friend of mine has joined us with his Draenei mage.

You know, I have to say that shamans make fairly descent tanks. I had my reservations about sinking my talents into the enhancement tree with my shaman but after working with it my weapon-based attacks mixed with frost shock usually keep the aggro away from everything but a pyroblast crit.

Most people seem to lean toward the enhancement/resto spec. Any thoughts?


Victor Barreiro said...

Heyo! I'm doing the exact same thing for my shaman.

Enh-Resto is solo love. Resto seems to be the most viable for raiding.

Made a draenei from scratch on a nbew server. Focus on fun, I say!

Mr. Gone said...

Yeah I teamed up with a friend and my wife and started over again from the beginning. He found out by the time he hit 54 that he really didn't like paladins.