Thursday, February 28, 2008

Back in business!

So now that my pc is complete (after a power supply arrival last night), I have returned to the game in all of its splendor. All graphics and sliders turned up to the highest setting and everything turned up to the max with a huge widescreen resolution.

That got me thinking. Some of my former co-workers used to play Everquest 2 (I did as well, call it a momentary lapse of sanity). There was a long debate between me and them about the merits of world of warcraft vs. everquest 2. I ended up giving them all of the trial keys I had laying around so they could try it out. With a little resistance I finally got one of the group to try it. He was instantly hooked on the simple gameplay, the quick learning curve, and the simplistic beauty of what he called the 'cartoony' graphics. So more people began to switch over to World of Warcraft, one guy came back to me with an interesting story. His wife, who never had really taken to the games herself, had passed by him playing the game on the computer and paused. She asked him what he was playing because it wasn't the same game she was used to seeing him play. He confirmed it and showed her a bit more of the game itself to which she replied the graphics looked much better than the other game he played.

It dawned on me way back then, when WoW was still young, that one of the main reasons WoW is so popular is that the graphics are simple but pretty. The gameplay is easily taken to even for kids! It's one of the many factors that makes WoW what it is.

With my computer I can turn all of the graphics up on WoW and stand in the middle of Shattrath City without a bit of lag. On that same note I can pull all the settings down a bit and play it on my crappy laptop that shouldn't be able to play it at all. WoW is accessable and the average computer can run it without the extra bells and whistles. Why do you play WoW?


Theodat said...

I play EQ2 instead of WoW and one of the reasons is because the graphics are better. True I cannot play it on a laptop without a discrete graphics card, but that is ok.

Mr. Gone said...

Honestly the graphics were good but the power ratio between wow and eq2 is definitely noticable. Another factor is solo play. Everquest 2 is impossible to solo in.