Wednesday, February 20, 2008

World of Warcraft: Cellular Phone Edition?

So the rumors about a cell phone tool to access wow have been tossed around in rumors and articles but apparently now blizzard has owned up to 'experimenting' with the idea. Honestly I don't remember where I saw the article or I would link it.

I work for the government, they block and several other sites (for good reason of course). But having a cellular version of a wow tool would definitely change things on many levels. Even if it were just a chat interface and auction house manager I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands that would use it. So will this strange mish-mash of cellular technology and our most favorite MMORPG be useful?

For the record I have to say that I wouldn't use it because my job keeps me busy during the day. I can see others running their guild 24/7 from any locale with reception. That's a scary thought.