Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!

Okay so with my 27 badges I could start buying equipment. Or I could wait and collect and get better equipment from the sunwell vendor when it opens on my server. So compiled with a wait that seems to be at least two months or more with the release of the patch and the opening of the zone (through daily quests) I estimate that I could potentially earn over 200 badges (I've gotten into the habit of doing the daily heroic quest).

However, it seems that the badge gear coming out with the patch will be better than black temple gear. Now this of course gives non-raiders access to the new raid dungeon if they grind for badges to spend. How does this make the black temple raiders feel? I'm sure more than a few of them feel angry, but you've seen content that we casuals won't see until we can solo most of the mobs in the dungeon (ten expansion from now, heh).

So how do the hardcores feel? Well you're also going to have access to the new raid content quicker than we will, so in my opinion you should just shut it. I already feel like casuals can't access all the content they pay for with that monthly fee. My first thought is that maybe casual players should have a lower monthly charge than the hardcore players. Take away our access to some of the dungeons maybe? But that's a silly idea.

Stuff it, we want to see the raids too! :)

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