Friday, February 22, 2008

Power Leveling

So my wife has decided she wants to play her warrior primarily. Me being the good husband I am, offered to power level her with my 70 mage. In turn a good friend of ours will be assisting as well with his level 70 mage. Seeing as she has already hit 40 and has her mount it shouldn't be a big problem to rocket her to outland-level so she can quest with my Shaman and his Paladin or Priest.

Most people are divided on the subject, but I am by far not a WoW purist. I have power-leveled people before and I use Thottbot on occasion, especially since my memory seems to be less-than-favorable in some situations. During my initial run from 1-60 and then 60-70 I didn't use thottbot or any other tools besides the occasional question in chat. So along with what Tobold touched on here: Link, Asking questions seems to bring some sort of stigma along with it so how newbie-friendly is wow? I have found that a good number of people will criticize people for asking questions rather than assist or direct toward an assisting tool.

Could that be because a good percentage of the alliance side is populated with prepubescent boys that get some sort of sick rise out of being an ass? Exhibit A: Link

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