Monday, February 25, 2008

Stealthy Gaming

Tobold posted an interesting article about the agro radius in World of Warcraft: Link. Personally I love rogues unless there's one behind me inserting a sharp object into my no-no places.

In the past I have enjoyed playing stealthy games. The list I have played includes the Thief series, Oblivion, Morrowind, and others. In particular I was looking forward to Starcraft: Ghost. I love thief-type characters and rogues. I would love to see a sight and sound based system implimented into World of Warcraft, that would definitely give me the fuel to play a rogue.

My wife has a rogue, this particular rogue is level 60 now and sitting merrily in honor hold waiting for levels. She has gotten a bit tired of the rogue and as such she has been neglected. But honestly having played a rogue for a little while The agro radius system can be painful if you're not really good at stealthing. Being as such she is specced in stealth/murder/ream. She seems to enjoy it. What specs do rogues out there use?

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