Wednesday, February 27, 2008

World of Warcraft and Widescreen

I've been playing with a widescreen monitor so long that I seem to have forgotten what WoW was like without the widescreen. For the last few weeks I have had my normal LCD monitor hooked to my WoW box because my widescreen's power supply went pop. It's so frustrating to not have that extra viewing space.

Last night my replacement monitor, a very nice 22 inch widescreen made by DCLCD. I have to admit that the color difference and the contrast really set this monitor off from the competitors. However, since my primary gaming machine seems to be having a power supply issue I won't know how nice it is until my new power supply arrives tonight.

How many wow'ers out there use widescreen?

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warcraft guide said...

I use widescreen. I like it a lot better.