Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sports MMO?

So I wrote out a draft for a sports MMO that I think would work well for those... 'odd' individuals who collect every edition of 'Madden' and other sports games for the various systems that come and go. Keep in mind I scribbled this out in a matter of minutes so bear with me and throw in any input you may have. (Update: Apparently the blogger ate my formatting, I'll work on it.)

New MMO Game Concept: Sports
This type of game has not been attempted before. Every real-time sport could be converted to this format, even obscure sports. Each game could be broken into seasons that are available each time of the year real-time or off-season depending on business model. The concept would be to allow for someone to play when their favorite sports are not on or even create their own season. Each season would have its own rewards and special teams, all teams owned by a person ‘could’ be available to them if they purchase the ‘expansion’ for each sport.

1.) Names:

2.) Main Design
Sports Available

3.) Teams
-Players can be created or chosen from a list
-Custom players that advance the more they play
-Real strategies used by real teams
-‘Fantasy’ teams are a strong possibility
-Integrate ‘Fantasy’ Football, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, etc…
-Multiple players possible to control a team or a series of teams

4.) ‘Guild’ Teams
-Offering a guild stadium for purchase in-game
-Offer in-game purchases depending on your team’s ‘wealth level’
-Custom Jerseys, possible real jersey purchase from online-store?
-Fitness equipment to enhance your players stats, just a little
-Team memorabilia or team items that people will ‘purchase’ by virtual spectators
-This could be a random number based on the team’s status
-Increases revenue and opens up new items and players for purchase in the ‘Store’.

5.) Leagues
-‘Guild-Level’ Teams compete against each other
-Limit ‘Guild’ numbers to a real team size, including backup players
-Real arenas, modeled after real sports locales

6.) Types of Play
Spectator Mode
-Allows you to watch games or matches between your favorite teams, etc.
-When your guild does a match and you are not in play you can watch the game from any angle
1 vs. 1
1 vs. Computer
-‘Practice’ runs that don’t count toward any match points but give you more experience using your team
Team vs. Team
-Every person picks a player and controls them during the game
-Alternate, Team vs. Computer
Ladder Matches
-Teams compete against one another depending on their status, multiple ladders available.
-Instant matching system, computer picks two teams based on their relative score.
-Only hold these matches once a week or once a month to determine the eventual yearly winner. IE: Superbowl, etc

7.) Possible Integration of ‘Fantasy’ Sports
-Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey
-Ladder Matches eventually lead into a final tournament of the best-ranked players.
-Rewards offered depending on your status
-Special in-game items such as players or enhancements for your virtual gym or virtual ‘stadium’.

8.) Rewards
Tournament Champ (For Each Sport) Could be rewarded something special
Free year of play
Special in-game items
Out of game items based on their favorite real teams
-Virtual Stadiums (Guild-Owned or Player-Owned)
-Team Memorabilia to be purchased by ‘virtual spectators’
-Fitness equipment or other enhancements to enhance your team
Possible in-game sponsors
-Gatorade, Team Store or ‘Sports Camp’ adds
-Real teams could be sponsors also, and offer more incentives to someone who would win.
New strategies or ‘plays’ based on the player’s sport

9.) Other Notes
-Allow players to pick their ‘favorite’ real-life teams, possible dynamic reward system based on that person’s team.
-The more someone wins the yearly tournaments the more they get rewarded as they progress.