Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Fudging the numbers for drops

Okay, here we go to talk about heroics again. So I'm up to 21 badges total after a few good runs and a failed hellfire ramparts run. A good friend of mine and I have been running together and have come up with a few rules of thumb.

First off, no more paladin tanks unless they have at least a few epics on them. We've had very bad luck with the pallytank situation save for a friend of ours that is decked out in epic gear. But with a set of epic gear for every occasion who wouldn't be good? Sorry to the tankadins but unless you're specced right and have some good gear heroics seem to be a challenge. Maybe we just had a string of really bad tanks?

Second, no more druids as primary healers. Okay, I love HoTs as much as the next squishy class but the problem is that your druid can only rez every 30 minutes. When running a heroic instance NEVER use someone who can't rez frequently. Sorry druids, don't get me wrong you make good tanks and dps but you're only really good at backup healing.

Third, no more mages other than us. I'm sorry but I play my mage primarily for heroics and he plays his mage (suffice to say it's his only 70). Adding a third mage to the mix is great for crowd control but it SUCKS for getting drops.

Fourth, Shamans make good healers but only when they're geared properly. I don't know what it is, I play a shaman too (she's my next to level to 70) but for some odd reason we've had problems with Shamans keeping up with the healing-to-damage ratio. Again, maybe we just got a bad string of healers.

Fifth, (this is my personal rule). Do NOT ask a shadow priest to heal unless they offer to. My wife plays a shadow priest so she's specced and geared for DPS, NOT for healing. If someone's playing a shadow priest they like shadow priests, end of story. If someone offers to heal no problem but don't pester them for it. That would be like asking a holy specced paladin to tank (though we did have one guy do that quite well but again, epics and normal-difficulty dungeon). Shadow priests are great for damage and off-healing through said damage.

Last but not least (I'm sure we'll come up with more), do the daily heroics. Well I guess that's more a philosophy than a rule. We have found that doing the daily heroic every day has very profitable returns. Honestly I would have never gotten so many badges if it weren't for the extra two you get for finishing the daily heroic.

So what do you think? Are we being too harsh? Do you think excluding other mages so cloth drops will favor us is a good or a bad idea?

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