Friday, February 8, 2008

Crafting Systems

Okay, crafting systems are definitely a hot topic for all MMORPG's. What I'd like to know is how many people actually use in-game crafting and which systems do you like the most?

I have experienced the systems in World of Warcraft, Everquest 2, and Horizons to name a few. Whereas I like the crafting system in Everquest I never read the manual so all those little pop up buttons and things just passed across the screen with no interaction. My fault entirely.

So here's what I propose, we as the community come up with THE crafting system and offer it up to a developer to use in their game. For the people by the people? Wasn't there something else like that, and didn't it not turn out the way it was supposed to? ;)

Crafting is broken down into several categories:
Resources (Raw): Wood, Metal, Gems, etc
Nessecities (Purchased): Thread, Dye, etc
Equipment (Provided in game, or in a player owned house. Hint, Hint): Forge, Anvil

So the resources appear in nodes that are accessable by anyone with the type of gathering skill required and the skill enough to harvest it. Simple enough. Sometimes it's in hard-to-reach places and other times it's guarded by a nearby mob (mobile enemy). That part is simple enough and definitely the standard in any game with a crafting system.

Nessecities and equipment require no further introduction!

So the crafting process comes into question. I feel that the crafting process has been ignored by most games though SoE did fairly well with the Everquest 2 crafting system. Including providing a 'crafting class' with experience for your characters.

Here are the things I'd like to see in WoW:
-A Crafting Class (or level) instead of a generic skill level that goes up if you just make an item.
-More steps in creating an item. What goes into making a bag or box to put into your bank? I would like to see the ability to create the materials that go into an item and have that give you XP/Points as well. Well you need metal nails to keep the box together, wooden boards to make the box, maybe some metal strips to reinforce it, and then if it's a nice box some cloth to line it.
-More items to create.

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