Friday, February 8, 2008

Suggestions for World of Warcraft

1.) A third profession for characters: So your character is an grand master know-it-all in mining right? Well you're a blacksmith too, great. What about taking a second blacksmithing specialization or taking engineering? That would really be something. What happens in 'Wrath of the Lich King' when the new inscription profession comes out? My gnome warlock is an engineer, do I really want to drop engineering or mining to take up inscription? No. Okay, I can make ANOTHER alt with ANOTHER set of classes. I don't want to do that, I have too many alts as it is. I would like to see a third profession for characters in wow.

2.) Multiple spec availability: Don't get me wrong, I swear by frost mages 100%. But what happens when I want to try out another spec I have been toying with? I've always wanted to try out an elementalist spec so I could have viable options for fire or ice. I don't want to pay 10, 15, 20, or even 50 gold to respec. I think the pay-to-respec deal is asking too much of the players. Why should I have to pay to respec? I can't see any big issues that would prevent free respecing.

3.) Alternate, Two Specs: So no free respecing? Well how about giving us the ability to have two specs instead of one and the ability to swap them out freely. What if I want one spec for Solo/AoE Farming and another spec for PvP/Raiding?

4.) Fix Azeroth: Tobold has touched on this before and so have I. I would like to see azeroth fixed or just give us the ability to ride our flying mounts in Azeroth without the flying part. It would feel like a true achievement then.

5.) Massive-scale PvP: So you can't call it realm vs. realm pvp lets call it server vs. server pvp and slap it on the table. Blizzard did well with updating the battlegrounds to include all servers. Lets take it a step further and get down on some massive scale PvP.

6.) Capturable Cities, Buildings: Halaa aside (it's a rock in the middle of a gorge with a few buildings on it, whoopee), I'd like to see a server that is FSPvP (Full Scale PvP). What happens when the horde takes over Stormwind? Can you imagine the battles that would erupt to try and claim or reclaim cities?

7.) Destroyable Cities, Buildings: Not only did the horde take over Stormwind but they demolished the bridge across in the process, making a half-hearted and unstable wooden structure to bridge the broken gap. Plus there are several buildings that are out of service as well. Whatever shall we do?

8.) Player Housing: Instance it if you have to but player housing would be a nice way to customize my wow experience. Let me hearthstone to my house and then go to one of the major cities via a portal I have paid for to have installed in my basement. If my household contains a mage, maybe the mage can set up the portals themselves?

9.) Guild Housing: I'm not a big guild-going person but honestly I'd love to see something like the guild-owned 'castles' or whatever they are in Age of Conan. Capturable? Customizable? Bring it on! Well even if they weren't capturable it would be nice to have a guild house that allows me to hearthstone to. Teleport to any city? Have your own crafting room? Maybe access to the guild bank?

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