Friday, February 8, 2008

Playing the Spec

When I get time I will release a series of updated macros I use while playing my mage and warlock.

Playing the Specs: Affliction Warlock
Spec Details - 0/41/20
Level Ranges - Normal & Elite: 2-4 Levels
Primary Focus - Constant Grinding
Main Spells - Siphon Life, Curse of Agony, Corruption, Shadowbolt, Drain Life
Gear - +Sta / +Spell Damage

Solo Tactics
Affliction warlocks excel at solo combat. I have played my affliction lock almost the entire way to 70 going solo most of the time. I have experiemented with all of the trees at the top-level and still I come back to affliction every time. The primary combination is to sick your voidwalker on the mob and throw siphon life, curse of agony, and corruption on them. For harder mobs you can put immolate and unstable affliction on them. After that you Life Tap to get full mana and then use drain health (it will be hard to interrupt!). Eventually you will pull the mob off your voidwalker. I just let it beat on me because the constant drain of siphon life and drain health. Once the mob gets to the almost dead state even if I don't need a soul shard I will still drain soul because it restores 15% of my base mana and I can always get rid of the shard. Using that method you can not only farm or grind constantly but take on another few mobs via fear and letting one or two beat on you or your voidwalker. Another thing to remember is your instant cast shadowbolt. You will get audible notification when your instant cast shadowbolt has proc'ed.

PvP Tactics
Everyone hates the DoT/Fear combination of warlocks but it is truely the best combo out there. Throw all of your dots on someone and fear them then sick your pet of choice on them. (I prefer imp for max damage but some prefer felhound for extra security and some utility) You can also use the life tap/drain life combo but that gets dangerous in PvP, I would suggest just spamming shadow bolts or draining life without tapping. When you need mana get to a safe place and tap then use bandages (the warlock's friend!)

Grouping/Raiding Tactics
So here we go, grouping. The grouping factor is just the same as the solo most times. I usually go full DoT on the harder mobs and life tap/drain life. Make damn sure you tell your party healer that you'll be tapping and draining (This is where an announce macro would be nice). You don't want the party healer wasting mana on you when you're good to go where you are. Be ready with your succubus (seduction) to CC some mobs and banish for others.

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