Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another WoW night.

My shaman has finally worked herself up to exalted with Darnassus and in the process I hit revered with gnomeregan and ironforge. As a left-wing bonus I also hit exalted with stormwind. My mage, who started her life when wow was released, and my hunter who is the same, are both relatively low in rep with the other factions. I must say though that it was worth the grind for the kitty instead of the dumbo.

I am very disappointed with the elekks. I would have made the talbuk the Draenei's mount and the elekk the Kurenai mount. That's just me though. It's nice to be able to fit into doorways now.

I also hit Alterac Valley with my wife last night, admittedly we did it for new weapons more than anything but I had forgotten how fun it was to play against people that aren't geared out in the ulimate arena/pvp gear combo. We had a blast last night, which made me think about the whole pvp/pve/gear issue. If they're making PVP gear on par with the PVE gear that people can get from raiding, what happens to us casuals? We don't have the time to raid nor do we have the time to pvp for hours on end to get the gear we need to compete. Sure, what people call the 'welfare epics' help but sometimes even that's frustrating. My mage currently has eight epics from various locales including heroics, karazhan, instances, and world drops. Soon to be 10 when I complete my frozen shadow weave set, but even then I still get ghetto-stomped by over-geared people in arenas and pvp. What's the general concensus out there about easy-mode raids?

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