Friday, March 28, 2008

Money Making the Easy Way!

Phase two of the Shattered Sun Offensive is on! So I've got a list of 10 total daily quests I can do per day per character. Holy crap. So this weekend I will have plenty of time to do those quests on all three of my level 70 characters. Plus my mage has access to an extra six or so quests that I can do quite easily. That's 360g per day for the next three days. By the end of this weekend I will have 3100g so I am quite close to my 5k goal. Go Stormrage!

I may do this for all three of my characters just so I can get them all flying around in the proverbial "big pimpin'" style. That would greatly increase my leather/mining farming time on my warlock and hunter. I'm quite excited. Can you feel the excitement?

Of all the quests I've done in WoW the new daily quests are not only the most rewarding but they are the most fun. Not only am I getting roughly 10g per quest but I am also getting rep toward valuable patterns and random drops that can include greens and badge. Those greens are all being disenchanted for enchantments.

On that note I have worked my cooking, tailoring, enchanting, and fishing all up to 375 on my mage. Yay mage! Problem is that I can't make my runed eternium rod because it requires four primal mights. They go for about 150g per on my server right now so I will have to go farm motes and find some nice transmute specialist to let me use their cooldowns for a tip. Maybe I can trade for arcane dust? :)

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