Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A tale of hunters and pets!

I pulled my hunter out of grind mode the other day to pick up a new pet, I figured it would be the perfect time to try for the elusive ghost wolf. Apparently I was incorrect. I missed my chance to get the damn coolest looking pet ever, I think it's unfair of blizzard to fix the issue once people have been able to get the pet in the first place. So I decided on getting the only unique carrion bird available. Trachlea, I think the name was, anyway it's the bird in the bone wastes for the torgos quest.

The begin of the XP grind starts here, and I thought I was done with that. I don't think there are enough viable unique-looking pets at level 70. I mainly use my hunter to farm primals so this pet will be heavy on the resistances for obvious reasons. My hunter got his ass handed to him last time I tried to kill two fire elementals at a time, whereas my frost mage can take between 4-8 if I do it right with AoE.

Honestly it's to be expected that a high level mage with good gear can take more but I was having issues with one elemental let alone two. My pet, a warp stalker, was just a novelty pet more than anything. I've gone through all of my options and apparently I will have to gather my friends together and go for the 70 ravagers that inhabit the mines in the netherwing area.

Petopia has been quite in invaluable resource through this endeavor!

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