Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pleasant Patches

I remember back in the day when you couldn't just go to a gryphon master and click on a distant four-point flight and walk away from the machine, you had to plan out your flight for the least possible resistance and individually fly to each point. I also remember when patch days were far from smooth. This patch, like the burning crusade release was very smooth.

Honestly I have to say I'm impressed with the new content and changes. The combat log has been revised quite nicely though I rarely ever use it. None of the other class changes have really made a difference to my characters with the exception of the icy veins change, which I must say is nice. Having worked myself almost half way across the honored bar with the shattered sun offensive, and my server being 86% to the goal already I am quite impressed with the speed in which things are progressing. Even better is the daily quest increases. I have three 70's right now. I was only able to complete the daily quests and do an instance of the magister's terrace with one, then dailys for another. By my calcuations if I do all the daily quests I can on my characters (some of them are not attuned) I can make 280 gold per day. That's almost 300 gold just for doing a few quests. Now of course it will take some time to do all of the quests and I have other (real life) things to get to so I may not be able to do them all every day. Even if I only do 200 gold worth a day that's still an epic flying mount in less than a month's time. If I pool my resources it's 11 days total to my goal. I'm excited.

The magister's terrace (normal mode of course) went surprisingly well for my group. We wiped two times on the priestess and her flunkies and three times on Kael'thas, mainly because our healer wasn't used to healing. All of the drops, while mage drops, were not upgrades for me and I expected that since I'm decked out in heroic blues/purples and a bit of karazhan gear. One thing that I did get on the first run was the steelweave enchant. Quite interesting. I can't use it yet because I need the void shatter pattern first. Once I hit honored with the shattered sun offensive it's on like Donkey Kong!

The two daily quests on the island are so easy it's stupid, especially with so many people crawling over the island, it looked like a rave in the quest hub, honestly. You gather four stacks of this mana dust from the wreched dudes and kill/convert five sentries.

The quest in hellfire penninsula to destroy the fire elementals was easy because everyone around you with their little ember out gets a charge. However, the one to drain the felblood initiates was quite difficult with so many people doing the quest yesterday. This morning wasn't so bad.

In nagrand, the inspections go well and since my hunter is a skinner he can do the other quest for the nether at the same time. I haven't tried it yet with my miner but my hope is that you can get it from mining elementals as well. Last but not least the quest in to get the sunfury attack plans always goes well for me, the drop rate seems to be fairly high.

All-in-all, the content introduced is quite helpful to someone trying to save for an epic mount. Tonight I am going to finish all of my daily quests and do the same with my wife's characters.

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