Monday, March 31, 2008

Goal Really Exceeded! / Weekend in WoW

Daily quests and magisters terrace, nothing more nothing less. Even my wife has gotten into the habit of doing her daily quests. 100g for free every day is nothing to scoff at for a half hour to an hour of work. So I discovered a small cache on my level 62 shaman, though technically that didn't come from daily quests it does count. I'm currently sitting pretty on Stormrage with 3,775g. Not a bad haul. A few more days and I'll have my first epic flyer. Honestly the daily quests have satisfied my need for a routine with my characters. I do the dailys on my three 70s then switch to my lowbie shaman to finish her leveling off.

So on to the shaman? She's currently at +315 damage at level 62. That's more bonus damage than my mage had at 60 in mostly blues/purples at 60. Interesting, very interesting. Honestly the exponential growth potential of all of the classes is astounding. From paladin tanks to shaman healers and even shaman dps it's staggering. When you hit the levels above 70 you really feel like a hero, something special.

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