Monday, March 10, 2008

Quake Wars

Okay, I broke down and bought Quake Wars. I started out playing Quake 1 via my LAN a long time ago. Ever since then I have been addicted to Quake. Quake 2 wasn't much for me but Quake 3 was. Doom 3 was a good single play but the multiplayer didn't draw me much. I know why now. MODS. Future vs. Fantasy was our favorite mod by far but we had several we'd bounce from. I don't know how many nights we spent kicking the shit out of each other in Future vs. Fantasy.

Anyway I fired it up for a few minutes and found that even with my machine I shouldn't play with high graphics on. There's a noticable delay to me, I am used to instant reaction, and in FPS games if you lag you're dead. It's that simple. I haven't had time to try it online but the 'tutorial' map was quite fun. This could be another Team Fortress 2 for me.

Honestly the graphics are nice, the sound is good, and the gameplay from what little I've seen seems to be fun. Another plus is the ability to create a 'LAN' account which doesn't require a key. That is good for those of us who gather a few friends together and kick the shit out of each other.

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