Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend in Warcraft

I have really taken to the shaman elemental build. Since I have a level 70 mage I can transfer (via my wife) food and water to my shaman in stacks. Honestly it's like being a nature mage. Up until this point I have been soloing. But now we have a deadly trio. My wife's 60 combat rogue, my 60 elemental shaman, and my friend's 60 holy paladin. Honestly we go through mobs so fast it's sick. Which brings me to the next part of the wonderful ordeal.

The paladin mount quest. My warlock finished his with the help of one 70 feral druid. Then we did the feral druid's warlock quest with my 70 mage and a 70 paladin. The paladin mount quest is rather difficult to solo with a 70 mage and a holy paladin. Other than some serious jewelcrafting my WoW weekend was uneventful.

My rogue, who has hit level 8, is destined to become a PVP twink. I haven succumbed to the twink-my-alt craze until now but it seems my wife has the urge to do the same with her hunter. Why twink? Well I don't know yet but apparently we're going to find out.

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