Thursday, March 20, 2008


I hit exalted with the skyguard this morning. I got my trinket and my nether ray. However, I still don't have the money to ride it though. I sincerely hope that blizzard tunes down the cost of the training soon just like they did when the burning crusade came out. Once that came out I bought an epic mount for all of my characters.

The prospect of getting an epic flying mount for all of my characters seems impossible. Not all of them have completed the prerequistes for the daily quests though I was thinking of doing it. But with patch 2.4 there will be more daily quests available per day so that will suppliment the whole issue. I have three 70s and one 60 right now. We'll see how it turns out.

Does anyone know a better way other than sniping the auction house or doing daily quests for cash? Don't get me wrong I am a big supporter of daily quests but after a while the same old quests get boring.

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