Friday, March 14, 2008

Heroics, an epic tale!

With the current tank issue going around, and I'm sure all have felt it, I have begun trying to think of solutions to the problem. The main problem is that it sucks to try and level a tank in any form. Plus taking is heavily dependant upon your gear. Enter the deathknight!

So we'll have a new tanking/melee dps class that we can rely on. Great, hurry up with that shit blizzard, I'm getting impatient.

Last night my heroic group went through the daily like it was butter, we only suffered one wipe and that was because I had an emergency to attend to. Our feral druid tank did very well. Tankadins and Feral druids have become quite a tank alternative. What will deathknights do to those classes? Well honestly I think it will ease the tank load, I doubt having another tanking class would harm our game any. However, a flood of Deathknight tanks may make other tanking classes look much better. Because they've had experience tanking and have already been balanced. No nerfs or buffs going around that are too jolting.

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