Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend in Warcraft

So I didn't get much WoWing done this weekend but my friends and I have hit an impass. We need a tank. My wife started a warrior for the sole reason of tanking for us. I am planning on creating a tank-specced DeathKnight. The third member of our group has already made a warrior as well. Apparently the key to getting a group is no longer being a holy priest, it's being a tank of any sort. People are even desperate enough to start taking tankadins (honestly they aren't that bad). So barring the fact that I hate playing warriors we must all apparently succumb to the tank shortage.

(begin rant)
This sucks in particular because we have three additional members (all of whom are currently not talking to us for various reasons), that have a potential tank. A warrior, a feral druid, and an epic pally.

Personally, I am damn tired of people telling me how I am supposed to play and who I am supposed to have. If my wife wants to play her priest shadow, so be it. If I want to play my mage frost, so be it. If I want to play my shaman elemental, SO DAMN-WELL BE IT. As soon as you start telling people what they need to do with their account they get just as pissed as I am now. If you don't want to hear me tell you how to spec your druid, leave my wife alone about her shadow priest. I have some friends of mine pissed at me right now because I told them what to do with their alts, shove them up their anus. I'm tired of people demanding that we compensate them. I could never play my mage because everyone always wanted me to run them through dungeons with my 60 hunter. F-you, F-your characters, and it sucks when people demand shit from you doesn't it? Enough said.
(/end rant)

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