Friday, March 7, 2008

The Shaman Delema.

I don't want to kill my shaman and start over, that would be counter-productive. I have a distinct lack of healers in my roster and my shaman, once she hits 70, will be the first. I definitely plan on going resto once I hit 70 because I like the role of healer. Of course I need to gather my mods up and get some practice in but that will come later.

So back to business I've found that the elemental spec, while not perfect, works better for me than the enhancement spec. Maybe that's because I am used to playing straight ranged dps classes. Hence the 70 mage, warlock, and hunter. I bought some upgrades and subsequently found some using my mage while grinding. Tell me, what few readers I have, what spec is your shaman pre and post 70?

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