Sunday, March 30, 2008

Goal Exceeded!

So after doing the daily quests on three characters, every day, all weekend, I have exceeded my goal and bumped myself up to 3,416 gold! Not far now!

Magister's Terrace continues to be 'big pimpin' if you'll pardon the lapse of grammar. We ran it again only this time my wife and a good friend of ours made up the dps while a tankadin and a holy paladin made up the tank/healer combo. As I thought, this instance gives tankadins the chance to shine. It went smoothly, with only one wipe (my fault I think), and a few deaths. We walked out with her getting a new staff and the rest of us getting shards. Our tank (damn him), won the phoenix pet that dropped.

This weekend hasn't held much other than me doing daily quests and gathering materials. I've gotten to the point where I need four primal mights for my enchanting and craploads of adamantite ore for my warlock's engineering. Thankfully though nether of them are as resource-demanding as blacksmithing, which sucks. My wife, as a matter of fact is pondering getting rid of blacksmithing in favor of something else because of the fact that it is so ore-intensive. And with each smelt requireing 2 bars it's just not right.

So another point I've come up with is Tailoring. As it is, it is very inefficient. I think that tailoring should be grouped up by class, not damage type. Mage Tailoring, Warlock Tailoring, and Priest Tailoring. This is why: I have come to a juncture (don't get me wrong I love my frost mage) where I want to try a fire/ice or fire/arcane combination. My hard work at shadowweave tailoring makes me NOT want to try it, that compiled with the cost of respec makes me not want to change my current spec out.

Mage Tailoring could be Fire/Arcane/Ice
Priest Tailoring would of course be Shadow/Holy/Healing
Warlock Tailoring would be Shadow/Fire

You could even use the current names Spellfire for mages, primal for priests, shadowweave for warlocks. That would have been a much better division of tailoring.

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