Monday, March 24, 2008

Holiday + WoW = ?

So I've been playing wow a lot over the holiday, go figure. I've gotten to the point where I have my Nether Ray, I have my combat medalion, etc, but I don't have the cash to buy the next riding training. So I'm also neutral with the netherwing. Great, but I can't continue until I get 5,000 gold. Wow. I've worked myself up to 1600g doing daily quests and selling all the crap in my bank. My main problem is that I can't find anyone that needs to do the preliminary quests to the daily quests.

I have three level 70 characters right now and each would be more than capable of doing the daily quests as all of them have their epic and flying mounts (I wish now I hadn't gotten the other two their mounts. All it has done is slow my main down. Oh well.).

So how to rectify my delima? Well, the only other thing I've discovered as being profitable is fishing for motes/random fish to sell and grinding for minerals and leather. However, seeing as my leatherworker hasn't reached 375 yet I don't know how much of that I want to sell vs. use.

So I call again, what did my readers (what few I have) do to make their cash?

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