Monday, March 17, 2008

Faction Stigma

For the Alliance!
For the Horde!
For both?

I've met players that go alliance and horde but few that do both. The going stereotypes that currently dominate each faction is that snot-nosed brats and idiots roll alliance and mature types roll the horde. What about those of us who roll both? Honestly I don't have any high-level horde but I do have both. It seems that if you're one side or the other you're good but if you're both it's like being bi-sexual in this day and age. Most people argue pick a side, but when you pick the side they have complaints as it is.

For the record, I love the lore on both sides but I like the 'friendly' look of the alliance for my own reasons and the 'primal' look of the horde for the same. So what happens when I finally decide which side to choose? Well let the social stigmas flow. Until then my cry is "For both damn you!".

Honestly I have been thinking of pulling my horde characters out and trying the horde side again. I've been having issues trying to find groups and a friendly guild on the alliance side. What about the readers? Do you think that the horde or alliance side is more friendly?

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