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Publish My Game (Part 3)

Concept in Progress: Alien Presence

"They said it would never happen, they told us that we were alone in the vast expanse of the universe. Even after we hard advanced our technology for space travel ten fold and explored galaxies previously unreachable still they said we were the only form of sentient life."

"They were wrong, the attack was sudden and brutal. Within months we had lost our home planet. No one knew where they had come from or why they came. Most of all why they had attacked us even after gestures of friendship."

Through research we discrovered the place these strange alients came from. A galaxy almost beyond our reach, on a planet that we never knew existed. Earth, they called it."

"These 'humans' as they call themselves are more machine than living beings. Long ago they traded their souls for the power and longevity offered to them by their technological advances."

There you have it, the short intro-blurb to a game concept I wrote down almost ten years ago! It's held up well considering the notebook it was written in is considerable older than even my first entry.

The Human Confederacy - Humans and Cyborgs
Zythian Resistance - Zyth (Bio-technology)
Landarian Alliance - Landar (Pure energy)
Raxian Prime - Zyth/Human Hybrids (Bio-tech hybrids)

Alliances: Human & Raxian / Zyth & Landar
-Humans used to be like the zyth but instead of embracing nature they chose the way of metal and machines. Most humans still have some flesh remaining though some, especially the warrior-tier, are primarily metal

-Zyth are a tree-like race of beings that base their technology off of nature and life, through the years they have developed living forms of transportation and limited weaponry. With the help of the Landars they developed space travel.

-Landar are composed of pure energy. They have exsisted for centures with the zyth aiding and supporting them in all things. It is said that they are former Zyth, but their true origins are unknown

-Raxian are members of the Zyth that have sided with the humans and undergone metalic grafts. Originally the Raxar were beings constructed by the Zyth and powered by the Landar. They now reproduce through their own means and have formed a resistance against the Zyth and Ladrian Alliance.

Human - Assigned a number (I.E. 001, 002, 003, etc)
Zyth - Saplings
Landar - Zapper
Rax - Hybrid

Grunt Unit:
Human - Metal-head
Zyth - Treant
Landar - Will-o-the-wisp
Rax - Charger

Ranged Unit:
Human - Gunner
Zyth - Splinter
Landar - Bolter
Rax - Arclyte

Special Unit:
Human - Mech-Boy (Repair)
Zyth - Woodland Shaman (Priest/Mage Hybrid)
Landar - Stormlord (Mage)
Rax - Techlord (Tech/Mage Hybrid)

Flying Unit:
Human - Scorpion
Zyth - Roc
Landar - Ball Lightning
Rax - Tech Sparrow

Defense Unit: (Ground)
Human - Blade Turret
Zyth - Deep Root
Landar - Shocker
Rax - Mobile Shocker

Defense Unit: (Air)
Human - Flak Gun
Zyth - Splinter Cannon
Landar - Shocker
Rax - Mobile Shocker

Human - Confederate HQ (Base), Chow Hall (Food), Barracks (Training Area)
Zyth - Council Chambers (Base), Sacred Garden (Food), Green House (Training Area)
Landar - The Gathering (Base), Generator (Food), Lightning Coil (Training Area)
Rax - The Collective (Base), Regenerator (Food), Grafting Facility (Training Area)

Resources: Ore, Wood, Oil
Humans gather faster but destroy the nodes, Zyth can 'nurture' nodes to make them grow back, do not destroy but gather slower, Landar are like Zyth and Rax are like humans.

Resource Gathering:
Humans: Ore (High Manufacture), Wood (Low Manufacture), Oil (High Manufacture)
Zyth: Ore (Low Manufacture), Wood (Very High Manufacture), Oil (Low Manufacture)
Landar: Ore (Low Manufacture), Wood (None/Low), Oil (Very High Manufacture)
Rax: Medium Across the Board

Gameplay: Two Levels
Planet View (Surface RTS)
Space View (Ship-to-Ship RTS)

Race - Carrier/Fighter/Bomber/Special
Human - Dropship/Disruptor/Destroyer
DropShip: (Carrier, Huge, Slow, Small Laser Array/Variable Defense)
Load, Unload, Defensive Shell (Enhance Defense, Normal is Poor)
Disruptor: (Fighter, Medium, Standard, Medium Laser Array/Variable Defense)
Defensive Shell (Enhanced Defense, Normal is Poor)
Destroyer: (Command Vessel, Gargantuan, Slow, Large Laser Battery/Enhanced Defense)
Radar Array (Detection), Command Formation (+ to attack in a radius)

Zyth - Void Whale/Stinger/Orbital Spore
Void Whale: (Carrier, Large, Fast, No Attack/Enhanced Defense)
Load, Unload, Burst (Speed)
Stinger: (Fighter, Small, Very Fast, Organic Laser/Standard Defense)
Burst (Speed), Hybernate (Regenerate/Stealth)
Orbital Spore: (Bomber, Medium, Very Fast, Spores/Poor Defense)
Orbital Bombardment

Landar - Vortex Battery/Bolt Slinger/Warp Chaser

Rax - Cruiser/Hybrid Spacer/Shield Generator

View Notes
-Races get resources from planets they have conqured, to conquer a planet you must land troops there and establish a base of operations, if another race or races are present on the planet and you don ot have an alliance you must fight your way to dominance on the planet.
-Computer planet takeover? (determined by factors of chance, dependent on military presence.)
-Multiplayer: All races may ally, fixed teams
-Trigger-based maps?
-Ships are made by selecting the planets that you own and queueing manufacture.
-Group selection: One carrier-class ship must be present to take over a planet along with fighters for orbital defense
-Each mode takes over, pausing all other operations, if you win or loose in planet-side mode you return to the space mode.
-Space View: Possibility of evaluating a planet's resources?
-Space View: Creating supply chains from planet to planet? Each race has their own 'caravan'?
-Increased recouse production due to trading from planet-to-planet.
-Planets: Normal Inhabitable planets to take over for resources, non-inhabitable planets for additional resources?
-Space View: Space stations around the planets?
-Black Hole: Very high energy output? Requires Trade Route and Glactic Waystation (or Space Station)

More to Come (There's four more pages of the stuff!)

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