Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend in Warcraft

This weekend was strange indeed. We have a man down! A very good friend of mine, who has been staying with us on the weekends and WoWing with us has found a job and subsequently moved to Minnesota. Our trifecta from hell has been broken down to a dangerous duo.

With that in mind we worked on my wife's mage some and then I decided that my Draenei shaman requires a different mount. I am very displeased with the elekk mounts. They are ugly, huge, and they don't fit in most doorways. That is just annoying.

With a heavy decision on what to grind for I finally decided I would go for Darnassus reputation. I don't remember what patch it was but there was a patch back there that made quests give full reputation even when you're out of the level range. My sunday, half spent making videos of my wife's horse, was subsequently spent grinding for the tiger. I'm three bars from revered and still annoyed with the quests in the night elf area.

My top five worst leveling areas in order are:
1.) Stranglethorn Vale - I've seen this area WAY too damn much. That's all, other than that the quests are pretty much grouped together in the two separate areas.

2.) Mulgore - While it is understandable that the Tauren are plainsmen (and women) their area is atrocious. The quests are spread way out there.

3.) Astranaar - Way too spread out, and each quest hub only has a few quests. Definitely a pain the ass.

4.) Loch Modan - Another example of quests being spread out way too far.

5.) Silverpine Forest - While the quests aren't as spread out as some areas are they are spread out and it seems that mobs roam in groups.

Of course there are more, but those are the ones I've leveled in that come to mind off hand. Any areas you don't like?

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